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TTM:IGNITION BOX Program D/ Installation/performance Endless Cinema live sound by Makino Takashi & Jim O’rourke Mar.10th,11th at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
Endless Cinema Preview
Screening “Expanded Abstraction” at Hollywood Theater, Portland Mar.6
Workshop at S1, Portland Mar.3
Workshop at Calarts Feb.27-Mar.2
Screening/performance at Calarts Feb.27 17:00
David Kweksilber Big Band/ live video score by Makino Takashi Feb.25th at De Doelen, Rotterdam
Screening/Lecture at KASK Cinema, Gent, Belgium 30th Jan
International Film Festival Rotterdam/Jan. 26th, 27th 2017
Ignition box @Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum(JP)/Mar 2017
David Kweksilber Big Band/Video score by Makino Takashi @DE DOELEN(NL)/Feb 2017
Cinéma Concret @Empty Gallery(HK)/Exhibiton:Dec 2016 - Feb 2017, Live Performance:Feb 18th 2017
International Film Festival Rotterdam(NL)/Jan 2017
THE UNIVERSE AND ART @Mori Art Museum(JP)/Jul 2016 - Jan 2017

・Europe Tour 2017
7th April - 17th May
Makino Takashi solo exhibition
@ITO Project Room, Stuttgart

9th April 16:00 Sunday
Makino Takashi & Rei Hayama film screening/performance program “ABYSSES” @Kunst Museum, Stuttgart

17th April Monday
Makino Takashi & Rei Hayama film screening/performance @Spektrum, Berlin

19th April Wednesday
Makino Takashi & Rei Hayama film screening/performance with Hilary Jeffery @Lichtblik Kino, Berlin

4th May 20:30
Makino Takashi + Floris Vanhoof Audio Visual Performance @Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

11th May - 3rd June
Artist in Residence @Banska st a nica, Slovakia

16th - 17th May
Workshop [3D Handmade Cosmic Noise] @UKF Nitra, Slovakia

4th June
Spotlights 2017: Larose, Lentzou & Makino @Austrlia Film Museum, Vienna

5th June
VIS Vienna Shorts presents [Space Noise 3D] @rhiz, Vienna

6th June
Makino Takashi Film Screening @Slovenska kinoteka

7th June
Makino Takashi Film Screening @World festival of Animated Film/ANIMAFEST ZAGREB

8th - 17th June
FILMADRID [On Generation and Corruption] in Vanguardias competition

10th - 13th June
Workshop [3D Handmade Cosmic Noise] @Polar Film lab, Tromso

Screening and Performance @Kurant

15th June
Makino Takashi & Rei Hayama Screening/performance @Bergen Kunsthal

22-24 June
HALLUCINATIONS Live Cinema performance Festival by documents 14 @Greek Film Archive, Athens

1st-24th August
Artist in Residency at Empty Gallery, Hong Kong

3rd-20th August
Melbourne International Film Festival 2017

September 28 - October 15
New York Film Festival
“On Generation and Corruption”

1-8 October
Curto Circuito 14th Festival Internacional De Cine Santiago De Compostela
“On Generation and Corruption” “Origin of the Dreams”

9-15 October
Valdivia International Film Festival
“On Generation and Corruption”

10th-15th October
Recombinant Festival

17 October
今井和雄 × 浦邊雅祥 / Bech Pilgaard & Bach / Cal Lyall + Makino Takashi

5-10 November
EXP 2017 京都&大阪映画上映ツアー 
シネ・ヌーヴォ 同志社大学
EXP 2017 Kyoto & Osaka Film Tour
at Cine Nouveau, Doshisha University

27th October
Lecture and Workshop at Nihon University, Department of Cinema

24th - 26th November
[The Picture From Darkness] at Other Cinema, Taipei, Taiwan

30th November 20h30
Simon Fisher Turner play music for [The Picture From Darkness] at LE CUBE, Paris

3rd December
[2012] with pulfrich 3D screening at Close Up, London

CLOSER TO THE EDGE @The Projector(singapore)/8th-9th Dec 2016
Saitama Triennale/ Talk, Workshop,live performance @Omiya elementary school/25th-27th Nov 2016
Manuel Knapp + Makino Takashi @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/17th Nov 2016
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival(Czech)
UNDERDOX(München)/11th Oct 2016
BFI London Film Festival @BFI IMAX/8th Oct 2016
Makino Takashi & Jim O’rourke live performance @Doshisah Uni./6th Oct 2016
EXP 2016 @Cine Nouveau(Osaka)/5th Oct 2016
Documentary Dream Show—Yamagata @K’s cinema(Tokyo)/17th Sep- 7th Oct 2016
図景IX @Nanahari(tokyo)/11th Sep 2016
New Horizons International Film Festival(Warszawa)/22nd-27th Jul 2016 *Awarded The Best of European Film
Bacon Film Festival in Sendai @Sendai Mediateque/22nd Jul 2016
EXIS 2016 @Korean Film Archive(Seoul)/7th-14th Jul 2016
EPA Cine Festival(Argentina)/25th-29th Jun 2016
Indefinite Vision @Whitechapel Gallery(London)/24th Jun 2016
Live performance [Space Noise Calling] with Rei Hayama @A4(Bratislava)/22nd Jun 2016
CONCRETE CINEMA @Fylkingen(Stockholm)/18th Jun 2016
Screening Makino Takashi & Rei Vayama @Crator Lab(Barcelona)/14th Jun 2016
workshop [3D handmade organic noise/sound]@La Casa Encendida
FILMADRID 2nd Edition @La Casa Encendida(Madrid/2nd-11th Jun 2016
32nd Hamburg International Short Film Festival/31st May - 6th Jun 2016
Nippon Connection, Screening + Workshop @Frankfurt/24th-29th May 2016
EX @ACROS Fukuoka/29th May 2016
MOOG FEST 2016 @Carolina Theatre(North Carolina)/19th May 2016
Simon Fisher Turner 来日スペシャルイベントDAY2 @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/19th May 2016
Vertical Cinema German Premiere @Gegenkino/28th Apr 2016
Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival @Sham Shui po/17th Apr 2016
Workshop [3D Handmade Organic Noise]@City University of Hong Kong/16th Apr 2016
Performance with SIN:NED @Kwun Tong -L'apres-midi/16th Apr 2016
Lecture and Screening @Hong Kong University/15th Apr 2016
Origin of the Dreams with Takuma Watanabe @www shibuya(Tokyo)/17th Mar 2016
Workshop<3D Hand made organic Noise> @Royal Norwegian Embassy(Tokyo)/11th Mar 2016
デジタルシネマ時代のインディペンデント @とんがりビル(Yamagata)/6th Mar 2016
Workshop “てづくり3Dアートえいぞうをつくろう” @Yamagata Documentary Film Library (Yamagata)/5th Mar 2016
The Intimate Stars/KONTRAST @Sendai Coffee(Sendai)/4th Mar 2016
The Shell Collector(Abtsract Imagery by Makino Takashi)/roadshow starts from 27th Feb 2016
GEORAMA 2016 @Za Koenji(Tokyo)/23rd Feb 2016
Short Cuts VII: Space Time Being @the Northwest Film Center(Portland)/Feb 2016
Japan Media Art Festival(JP)/Feb 2016
Cinema Bozar(Brussels)/2nd Feb 2016
Tromsø International Filmfestival(Norway)/22nd Feb 2016
COSMOS @LONDON GALLERY WEST(UK)/22nd Jan 2016 - 21st Feb 2016
International Film Festival Rotterdam(NL)/28th Jan 2016

Hokusoutan 2015 @Pitin Shinjuku/28th Dec 2015
Close Up(London)/2015
International Short Film Festival Winterthur/2015
InMute '15/30th Oct-1st Nov 2015
Origin Of The Dreams @Doshisha Uni./15th Oct 2015
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival/8th-15th Oct 2015
EXP @Doshisha Uni./6th Oct 2015
EXP @Japonica(Kyoto)/5th Oct 2015
EXP @cine nouveau(Osaka)/4th Oct 2015
EXP @cafe moyau(Okayama)/3rd Oct 2015
Sendai Short Film Festival @Sendai Mediatheque/22nd Sep 2015
Makino Takashi Collage Exhibiton @Art Center Ongoing(Tokyo)/12th,13th Sep 2015
Vertical Cinema in Melbourne International Film Festival/Aug 2015
Supersense Festival @Arts Centre Melbourne/7th Aug 2015
Workshop "Handmade 3D Organic Noise @Artist Film Workshop(Melbourne)/6th Aug 2015
MONO 19 @IMA(Brisbane)/1st Aug 2015
Open Frame 2015 @Carriageworks/30th Jul 2015
JAPAN CUTS 2015(NYC)/12th Jul 2015
Soejima Night/7th Jul 2015
International Short Film Festival Hamburg/9th-15th Jul 2015
UNSAFE + SOUNDS/12th Jun 2015
Image Forum Festival, screening+Lecture in Yokohama(Tokyo/Nagoya/Kyoto)/2015
Vertical Cinema at STRP BIENNIAL/26th,27th Mar 2015
Vertical Cinema's US premiere @SXSW/17th Mar 2015
Papay Gyro Nights in Hong Kong/14th Mar 2015
Vertical Cinema @Glasgow Short Film Festiva/11th Mar 2015
Space Noise 4K mix version and Performance @Cafe Oto(London)/15th February 2015
Papay Gyro Nights(Orkney)/3-10 Feb 2015

Lecture and workshop @Nihon University(Tokyo)/21st Nov 2014
Leeds International Film Festival/20th-28th Nov 2014
EXP @Japonica(Kyoto)/3rd Nov 2014
EXP @cafe moyau(Oakyama)/2nd Nov 2014
EXP @Spazio-rita(Nagoya)/31st Oct 2014
San Francisco Cinematheque/26th Oct 2014
California Institute of the Arts,Lecture and performance(LA)/21 Oct 2014
Los Angeles Film Forum/19th Oct 2014
+ screening(Tokyo)/18th,19th Oct 2014
Cinema Project(Portland)/14th,15th Oct 2014
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art(Montreal)/10th Oct 2014
Festival L’Age d’or(Brussels)/8th-14th Oct 2014
ISSUE Project Room(NYC)/8th Oct 2014
New York Film Festival/5th Oct 2014
M:ST Mountai Standard Time Performative Art Festival(Calgary)/4th Oct 2014
Artist talk at Alberta College of Art & Design(Calgary)/2nd Oct 2014
Workshop 3D Abstract Cinema @Image Forum Cinematheque(Tokyo)/20th,21th Aug 2014
Makino Takashi Open Experimental vol.2 @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/3rd Aug 2014
Handmade 3D Film Workshop + Performance Space Noise @Asso Mire(Nantes)/28th-29th Jun 2014
Performance Space Noise 3D(San Sebastian)/26th-27th Jun 2014
Hamburg International Short Film Festival/9th Jun 2014
La Casa Encendida(Madrid)/8th Jun 2014
(S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico(A Coruña)/4th-8th Jun 2014
Collaboration with Seiichi Yamamoto @Kichijoji Baus Theater(Tokyo)/6th Jun 2014
Cinematek(Oslo)/1st Jun 2014
workshop “Handmade 3D film” @Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra/26th- 29th May 2014
Inconsolable Ghost @A4, Karpatska 2(Slovakia)/24th May 2014
Ghost @independent cultural centre(Slovakia)/23rd May 2014
Inconsolable Ghost(Budapest)/19th May 2014
RIXC Centre for New Media Culture(Latvia)/16th May 2014
Performance with Inconsolable Ghost @mo.ë(Vienna)/15th May 2014
Performance Space Noise 3D @Apiary Studio(London)/14th May 2014
Bakuon Film Festival @Kichijoji Baus Theater(Tokyo)/9th May 2014
Ambulante Documentary Film Festival(Mexico)/30th Jan-4th Apr 2014
International Film festival Rotterdam, Vertical Cinema/24th Jan 2014
Klub Katarakt(Hamburg)/18th Jan 2014
Bangkok Media Art Kitchen @Bangkok Art and Culture Centre/9th-13th Jan 2014

Space Noise @CAPSULE(Tokyo)/5th-7th Dec 2013
Ayala Museum(Manila)/Nov 2013
Star and Shadow Cinema(Newcastle)/12 Nov 2013
Color Out of Space(Brighton)/7th-11th Nov 2013
Vera(Groningen)/5th Nov 2013
Japanese Experimentals @Worm(Rotterdam)/30th Oct 2013
AB Brussels/22th Oct 2013
Offoff Festival(Ghent)/18th Oct 2013
Vienna with Manuel Knapp/15th Oct 2013
Underdox(Munich)artist in focus/14th Oct 2013
KONTRASTE @Krems(Austria)/11th-13th Oct 2013
GRAZ(Austria)/9th Oct 2013
Cinema Club(Nitra)/8th Oct 2013
Swing Fest(Essen)/6th Oct 2013
GOLEM CINEMA(Hamburg)/3rd Oct 2013
25FPS Experimental Film & Video Festival(Zagreb)/24th-29th Sep 2013
Topkino(Vienna)/19th Sep 2013
Light Cone Preview Show(Paris)/13th-15th Sep 2013
Workshop "3D Abstract Film" @Image Forum(Tokyo)/26th-29th Aug 2013
Makino Takashi Special Lecture/Screening @Art Center Ongoing(Tokyo)/7th Sep 2013
Makino Takashi & Jim O'Rourke @YCAM/23rd Aug 2013
Green Papaya Arts projects with + @41b, 1335MABINI(Manila)/7th-8th Aug 2013
Exhibition "Article left by departed" @CUPSULE/20-22 Jul 2013
EXP @Doshisha Uni.(Kyoto)/9th Jul 2013
EXP @JAPONIKA(Kyoto)/8th Jul 2013
EXP @Visual Arts Osaka/7th Jul 2013
EXP @cafe moyau(Okayama)/6th Jul 2013
MoMA PS1/28thJun 2013
Edinburgh International Film Festival/19th-30th Jun 2013
Festival de Cine Lima Independiente/14th-23rd Jun 2013
Internationales KurzFilmFestival Hamburg/4th-10th Jun 2013 *Hamburg Short Film Award
UNATTAINED LANDSCAPE @Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa(Venice)/1st Jun - 20th Oct 2013
Ann Arbor Film Festival(US)/ 19th-24th Mar*Award for Best International Film
Makino Takashi Film Festival RETURNS @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/17th May 2013
Makino Film Festival @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/13th-14th Apr 2013
Bozar Cinema(Brussels)/6th Mar 2013
Offoff(Ghent)/4th Mar 2013
Sonic Acts @Paradiso(Amsterdam)/21st-24th Feb 2013
Workshop “3D ORGANIC NOISE” @Filmwerkplaats,WORM(Rotterdam)/9th-10th Feb 2013
International Film Festival Rotterdam/25th-28th Jan 2013
International Film Festival Rotterdam/live with Floris Van Hoof @WORM/24 Jan 2013

Aichi Art Film Festival @Aichi Arts Center(Nagoya)/15th Dec 2012
+ Tokyo @Shinsekai(Tokyo)/9th Dec 2012
Makino Takashi special screening & talk @Doshisah Uni./20th Nov 2012
Talk show with Kei Shichiri(filmmaker) @K’s Cinema(Tokyo)/16th Nov 2012
3D Bakuon Film Festival @Kichijoji Baus Theater(Tokyo)/14th Nov 2012
TOP KINO(vienna)/13th Oct 2012
KONTRASTE @Krems(Austria)/12th-14th Oct 2012
curtas de belo horizonte(Brazil)/Sept 2012
Special Lecture & Screening @Arts Center Ongoing(Tokyo)/22nd,23rd Sep 2012
Bakuon Film Festival @Kichijoji Baus Theater(Tokyo)/3rd Jul 2012
Hors Pistes Tokyo @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/8th Jun 2012
Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen(Germany)/26th Apr - 1st May 2012
Ann Arbor Film Festival(US)/27th Mar - 1st Apr 2012
PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS 2012 Art Festival(Hong Kong)/26th -29th Apr
Makino Takashi Open Experimental Night @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/21st Apr 2012
KINEMA NIPPON (Tokyo)/18th Mar 2012
Festival Play @La Casa Encendida(Madrid)/29th Mar 2012
Generator @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/7th Mar 2012
Berlin Documentary Forum 2(Berlin)/2012
International Film Festival Rotterdam/Jan 2012 *Tiger Award for Short Films

Aichi Art Film Festival @Aichi Arts Center(Nagoya)/3rd,4th Dec 2011
Art Film Festival @Aichi Arts Center(Nagoya)/22nd Nov - 4th Dec 2011
Screening @Apyari Studio/21st Nov 2011
Zipang Fest-Enter the Cosmos Takashi Makino Special @ICA(LONDON)/19th Nov 2011
Teruto Soejima Filmography @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/11th Nov 2011
CPH:DOX(Copenhagen)/3rd-13th Nov
Bakuon Osaka,Makino Takashi & Kenneth Anger @Osala/6th Nov 2011
You Are Here× Berlin Tokyo @AMU(Tokyo)/6th Nov. 2011
KONTRASTE Imaginary Landscape @Krems(Austria)/5th Oct 2011
+ screening 2011 in Kyoto @Social Kitchen, Doshisha Uni.(Kyoto)/8th-11th Oct.2011
Cinematheque Quebec @Cinematheque Quebec/ 6th Oct 2011
Makino Takashi European Tour Report Screening @Art Center Ongoing(Tokyo)/30th Sep 2011
25FPS Experimental Film & Video Festival(Zagreb)/Sep 2011
Makino Takashi (film) + Sax Ruins @Uni(Rotterdam)/Sep 2011
Incubate Festival(Tilburg)/Sep 2011
Bloemekesfest(Gent)/Sep 2011
Film Van Makino Takashi @cinema zuid(Antwerp)/Sep 2011
callitstigma @forestlimit(Tokyo)/Sep 2011
Rheihe Experimentalfilm @D21(Lepzig)/Sep 2011
Calf Summer Short Film Festival/3rd-9th Sep 2011
Takashi Film Series - with Ito, Ishida, Nakajima, Sawa Takashi(Tokyo)
Tara Jane O'neil & HELLL & Makino Takashi @Forestlimit(Tokyo)/29th Jun 2011
Edinburgh International Film Festival/Jun
Nippon Connection(Germany)
Super Loud Film Screening Party @ Nanba Rockets(Osaka)/13th May 2011
Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions @Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography/Feb
Makino Takashi & Iimura Takahiko (Tokyo)/Feb Private [+] in Vienna/Jan International Film Festival Rotterdam(NL)/25th Jan - 5th Feb
Exhibition Emaki/Lght @Galleria Finarte (JP)/Jan 2011

La Casa Encendida(Spain)
Levante International Film Festival(Italy)
The Ljubljana International Film Festival(Slovenia)
4 Spectacles @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)
+ screening Kansai tour @LABORATORY
+ screening Kansai tour @Doshisah Uni.
Aichi Triennale @Aichi Arts Center(Nagoya)/Aug 2010 - Oct 2010
+ screening @Arts Center Ongoing (Tokyo)
Melbourne International Film Festival
Neuchatel International fantastic film festival,10th edition(swiss)
Image Forum Festival(Tokyo/Nagoya/Kyoto)
International Short Film Festival Hamburg
Super Wonder- Special Screening of Genichiro Higuch @Latitude-P
Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions @Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
Sonic Acts XIII (NL)
International Film Festival Rotterdam(NL)
klub katarakt Festival 31(Germany)

Quest for Vision vol.1 IMAGINATION:Vision,Perception and Beyond @Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography/20th Dec 2008 - Feb 15th 2009
On the border of cinema and painting redux @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/19th Dec 2009
ROOM40 PRESENTS OPENFRAME @Cafe Oto(London)/10th Dec 2009
Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival/22nd,23rd Nov 2009
PLATEAUX FESTIVAL, live sound performance by Lawrence English/19th-20th Nov 2009
Festival Internacional de Cine Valdivia @Aula Magna(Chili)/17th Odt 2009
Impakt Festival @Filmtheater 't Hoogt(NL)/15th-18th Oct 2009
Image and Sound Eternity @Kichijoji Baus Theater(Tokyo)/10th Oct 2009
Image×Sound×Bakuon/Experimental Night @Kichijoji Baus Theater(Tokyo)/10th-16th Oct 2009
The World/Bakuon Late Show @Arts Center Ongoing(JP)/3rd Oct 2009
25FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival @SC Cinema(Croatia)/24th Sep 2009 *Grand Prix
Contemporary Japanese Avant-Garde Cinema @SFMoMA(US)/24th Sep 2009
RED CROSS SCREENING(+ screening) @Ayumi Gallery(Tokyo)/11th-13th Nov 2009
Elektronika isz Effwrosojusa Freie Improvisation @KINO KROKODIL(Germany)/2nd Jul 2009
Edinburgh International Film Festival @Filmhouse 3(UK)/25th,27th Jun 2009
International Short Film Festival Hamburg @Metropolis,Lichtmeß(Germany)/5th.6th Jun 2009
Bakuon Film Festival @Kichijoji Baus Theater(Tokyo)/5th Jun 2009
Image Forum Festival(Tokyo/Nagoya/Kyoto)
No Fun Fest 2009 @the New Museum(US)/16th May
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art @Fortitude Valley Brisbane(Australia)/21st Mar 2009
exposé 09, Talk with Toshio Matsumoto @Nagoya Uni./15th Mar 2009
OLSEN SCREENING @Leeds/1st Mar 2009
Chiang Mai University/15th Feb 2009
Makino Takashi Show @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/14th Feb 2009
International Film Festival Rotterdam(NL)/21st-26th Jan 2009


Birthday-Carl Stone>>Keita Kurosaka>>Takashi Ishida>>Makino Takashi @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/21st Dec 2008
Union Theater(US)/2nd Dec 2008
AARHUS FILM FESTIVAL(Denmark)/13th-16th Nov 2008
Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival, Talk with Takashi Ito @le club Jazz/8th Nov 2008
Japanimation, The Abstract @ASPEX Gallery cafe(UK)/27th Sep
ASK? @art space kimura ASK?(Tokyo)/4th-6th Sep 2008
Solo screening Makino Takashi @UPLINK FACTORY/31st Aug 2008(Tokyo)
The seasons@UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/6th Jul 2008
Over the Border Kino Session vol.2 @Latitude-P(Tokyo)/29th Jun 2008
Image Forum Festival(Tokyo/Nagoya/Kyoto)
Bakuon Film Festival vol.1 NOISE/AVANT-GARDE,Makino Takashi & Jim O’rourke live performance @Doshisah Uni./20th May
Bakuon Film Festival @Kichijoji Baus Theater(Tokyo)/ 23rd May 2008 Courtisane Festival(belgium)/24th April 2008
Art Institute of Chicago(US)/23rd April 2008
Makino Takashi Show @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/30th Mar 2008
Hong Kong International Film Festival @HK Arts Centre Agnès b. CINEMA!/23rd Mar, 1st Apr 2008
Ann Arbor Film Festival(US)/29th Mar 2008
Quest for Vision vol.4 Flicker Night @Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography/24th Feb 2008
International Film Festival Rotterdam(NL)/24th-28th Jan 2008


Elements of Nothing @prinz(kyoto)/3,4,10,11,17,18,24,25 Nov 2007
Elements of Nothing, talk with Takashi Ishida @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)/21st Oct 2007
CITTA'JANIS VOL.2 @JANIS(Tokyo)/4th Aug 2007 Image Forum Festival(Tokyo/Nagoya/Kyoto) *Terayama Shuji Award
Exhibition Makino Takashi&Ryota Aoyagi, “while we are here” @Ayumi Gallery(Tokyo)/2dn-6th Feb


Solo screening @UPLINK FACTORY(Tokyo)
Makino Takashi Film Exhibition Vol.5 ”with Yamauchi Katsura”/9th Dec 2006
Makino Takashi Film Exhibition Vol.4 ”The Ark”/12th Nov 2006
Makino Takashi Film Exhibition Vol.3 ”No is E”/28th Oct 2006
Makino Takashi Film Exhibition Vol.2 ”The Intimate Stars”/24th Sep 2006
Makino Takashi Film Exhibition Vol.1 ”In the Spectacle”/27th Aug 2006


Makino Takashi Film Collage Exhibiton "The Intimate Stars” @Art Space mirage(Tokyo)
Makino Takashi Film Collage Exhibiton "The Intimate Stars” @planB(Tokyo)


Nagaoka Indies Movie Festival,*Jury Special Award