Double Phase

2020 / 5.1ch DCP 1.85:1 / 25min
Country : Australia, Japan
Commissioned as part of AsiaTOPA 2020
Supported by Arts Centre Melbourne, The Substation and Room40
Music : Lawrence English with Tony Buck, Mats Gustafsson, Haruna Ito, Brodie McAllister, Heinz Riegler

Filmed entirely on location in Australia, Double Phase follows a discrete visual chronology captured by Takashi Makino.
It considers how the complexity of ’natural world’ continues to be reductively framed within contemporary society.
Pushing back against the simplistic and monocular sensing of the world, Makino responds with an intensely affective projection of lived experience. Moving far beyond the capacity of lived day to day experience, the film collides image after image into a cascade of almost-cosmic complexity. A reminder that we must always be reaching out and extending ourselves into the world that emerges before us. -ASIA TOPA 2020-

⭐︎EXiS 2020 Best EXiS Award