Echoed 2021 Endless loop video and multi channel audio installation

Echoed is an audiovisual installation by Takashi Makino which was started in August 2020 and completed in March 2021.
As a result of filming, the materials were classified into three categories: "organic", "inorganic", and "natural phenomena", and edited together.
Images with hundreds of layered structures are synthesized on the screen in real time, amplified forever, and keep changing.

It is a work that changes its appearance each time, and it is a work that seems to be a phenomenon with extremely little reproducibility.
Since the image is produced by filming everyday scenery, it has a strong sense of déjà vu.
It has the property of repeating echoes while linking with the viewer's memory and experience and imagination.
The multi-layered images, with each layer leaving an echo of light, promote an experience that finds eternity in the moment like a magic lantern.

Trailer :

Organize, Direction, Image/Sound : Takashi Makino
Sound materials : Lasse Marhaug Lawrence English
Sound engineer : Iwao Yamazaki
Technical support : Bart Lab
Support : Project to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators, 2020
Creators' Workation in Ise City
Special thanks : Inger Lise Hansen